Democracy Now! Blasts Gorsuch

On March 24, the homepage of the far-left website and TV program featured at least seven anti-Gorsuch stories or columns.

350.org Hawks Anti-Coal Petition

350.org Hawks ‘Report’ From Anti-Coal Activist Group Aly Nielsen and James Powers Climate groups are once again banding together to destroy the fossil fuel industry with the backing of liberal foundations, of course. The environmentalist group 350.org launched a petition after the presidential election demanding world leaders “end all new fossil fuel development” and switch […]

NY AG Blocks Inquiry into Anti-Exxo...

New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman is still refusing to comply with a FOIA request from the Competitive Enterprise Institute, The Daily Caller reported March 17.

NoDAPL Protests Backed By Liberal D...

Dakota Access Pipeline opponents descended on the Washington D.C. mall for a four day protest in March 2017. What many people may be surprised to learn is that those protesters had the backing of several nonprofits — all funded by left-wing foundations.


InsideClimate News

InsideClimate News, a news website run by a public relations firm, was started by a consultant of the Rockefeller family, David Sassoon. What started as a blog is now a “pay for play” journalism outlet that allows wealthy foundations to commission series based on preconceived ideas and beliefs.

DeSmog Blog

In 2006, DeSmog Blog entered the Internet’s crowded world of opinion, commentary and news with ambitious goal: to provide balanced coverage to politically charged debates over environmental issues like climate change.