ProPublica Laments Regulation Rollback

ProPublica Laments Regulation Rollback Initiated by Trump

By Aly Nielsen

For liberal nonprofit journalism, government regulation is automatically good.

ProPublica lamented the Trump administration’s “broad assault on regulations” on March 8 and cited the Columbia Law School’s climate law blog which optimistically claimed “Agencies do not simply regulate for the sake of regulation — each regulation is aimed at implementing a specific provision of a statute passed by Congress.”

Ten days after his inauguration, President Trump signed an executive order requiring agencies to revoke two regulations for each new regulation they wanted to enact, according to The Hill. Through the end of 2017, the cost of the new regulation must also be offset by the two cut regulations.

ProPublica criticized the cost-offset requirement because “regulations typically entail large upfront investments, but little in the way of ongoing outlays.”

For the liberal nonprofit media outlet, the problem isn’t that regulations can have astronomic upfront costs, rather finding “enough savings to offset a new regulation might mean cutting many more than two old ones.”

Nowhere in the article did ProPublica address the way regulations burden businesses and the overall economy or how the requirement could encourage agencies to make more economically friendly regulations.

Groups including Public Citizen and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) “filed a lawsuit to block the Trump executive order,” ProPublica reported.

Public Citizen, the NRDC, and ProPublica have all been funded by numerous liberal foundations, including George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.