ProPublica’s Local Journalism

A George Soros-funded nonprofit is seeking to help fill the local journalism void, by bringing more liberal journalism to town. Starting with Illinois.

Nonprofits Link Hurricanes, Climate...

Groups like the Natural Resources Defense Council, Democracy Now! And Union of Concerned Scientists, which got $341 million in two years, all tried to link Hurricanes Harvey and Irma to manmade climate change.

Soros: $20.7M to Alleged Russia Cli...

Records from 2010 and 2011 reveal Russia may have funded U.S.-based environmental groups, 10 of which are also backed by liberal billionaire George Soros.

InsideClimate Speculates

InsideClimate News may have won a Pulitzer Prize, but it looks like it skipped Journalism 101: report, don’t speculate.


InsideClimate News

InsideClimate News, a news website run by a public relations firm, was started by a consultant of the Rockefeller family, David Sassoon. What started as a blog is now a “pay for play” journalism outlet that allows wealthy foundations to commission series based on preconceived ideas and beliefs.

DeSmog Blog

In 2006, DeSmog Blog entered the Internet’s crowded world of opinion, commentary and news with ambitious goal: to provide balanced coverage to politically charged debates over environmental issues like climate change.