Activists Sue Exxon

Activists Sue Exxon For Climate ‘Crime Against Humanity’

By Aly Nielsen

If liberals have their way, ExxonMobil will be destroyed for not pushing out an extreme enough climate change message.

On Sept. 29, the liberal Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) announced that it was suing ExxonMobil for “deceiving the public about climate science while using its knowledge about climate change to advance its business operations.” A video further explaining the lawsuit hyperbolically claimed “eXXon Climate Change Denial is a Crime Against Humanity.”

CLF’s lawsuit is the latest in a line of liberal attacks against Exxon started by InsideClimate News, the Los Angeles Times, and the Soros-funded Columbia Journalism School.

The lawsuit alleges two things: first, that ExxonMobil has been violating EPA permits at a storage and distribution facility in Massachusetts, and second, that Exxon has not “taken climate change impacts into account.”

In other words, Exxon is being sued for not preparing well enough for climate alarmists’ version of the future.

So far, The Huffington Post, ThinkProgress, Reuters, The Hill, Buzzfeed, and The Associated Press have covered the lawsuit.

But none of those outlets bothered to mention that climate change is not settled, or that previous climate change predictions have been wildly wrong (like in 2008, when ABC predicted that New York City would be underwater in 2015, or Al Gore’s 2006 prophesy that the world would face a “planetary emergency” in 2016).

The outlets likewise glossed over the fact that CLF is largely basing their suit on something that hasn’t happened yet.

ThinkProgress merely called the suit “novel” and the “first-of-its-kind.” Buzzfeed quoted Michael Gerrard, from Columbia Law School’s Climate Change center, who said the suit would be an “important precedent” if it succeeded, since “America’s coastlines are dotted with oil and chemical tanks and other facilities that are at risk from rising seas.”

One of the architects behind the lawsuit is CLF’s president, Bradley Campbell. Prior to joining CLF, Campbell was appointed associate director for the White House Council on Environmental Quality during Bill Clinton’s administration. He was also the commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, where he “set the toughest standards in the nation to protect coastal areas, streams and rivers from stormwater pollution,” according to his CLF bio.

Campbell also conveniently co-founded and owns Swan Creek Energy, LLC, a solar power company. Just as climate activist Tom Steyer’s investments in solar energy stand to benefit if his own climate change agenda is adopted, so might Campbell’s solar company benefit Exxon is damaged by the continued anti-business attacks.

CLF’s lawsuit is just the latest in a long line of liberal attacks on ExxonMobil. In October 2015, the Los Angeles Times partnered with Soros-funded Columbia University journalism fellows to publish accusations that Exxon knew climate change was real, but hid it from their shareholders. InsideClimate News, a climate alarmist blog ran by anti-capitalist David Sassoon, also published similar anti-Exxon stories at the same time.

Around the same time, the New York attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, announced he was investigating whether Exxon “misled the public and its shareholders” about the risks of climate change.

According to Business Insider, Schneiderman launched another investigation into “Exxon Mobil Corp’s accounting practices,” in September 2016. This latest witch hunt asks “why the oil major hasn’t written down the value of its assets in the wake of a slump in oil prices.”