Podesta Paid by Liberal Donor

Podesta Paid by Liberal Donor Behind ProPublica, Think Progress

By Callista Ring

Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta has been paid $7,000 a month by a top liberal donor for more than a year and a half, according to WikiLeaks.

Politico discovered on Nov. 1 that the still-active contract between Podesta and the Sandler Foundation “calls for Podesta to provide advice on grant-making and other foundation functions.” That would total to $84,000 in just one year.

Sandler Foundation founder Herbert Sandler is accused of making his fortune “selling a type of mortgage that some critics say contributed to the housing collapse,” according to Politico. Sandler helped found both ProPublica and Center for American Progress (CAP). CAP is the parent of the site Think Progress.

In 2007, Sandler gave $10 million to ProPublica and promised to “replenish” that amount “annually,” according to Slate magazine. ProPublica’s media partners include ABC, CBS, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, NBC, NPR, The Washington Post, New York Times and USA Today. Additionally, ProPublica has been linked to the IRS scandal targeting of conservative groups.

Sandler has also contributed more than $37 million to the “progressive” Center for American Progress (CAP). It was at CAP that Sandler first met Podesta, Politico reported.

Politico stated that Sandler and his children have donated $4.4 million to a Clinton Campaign Super PAC, Priorities USA Action, along with other Democratic party committees.

Podesta provided Sandler with “philanthropic advice” and holiday gifts, while Sandler gave Podesta political advice. In one email discovered by Politico, Podesta confirmed that Sandler was “ready to do the 2016 max early in the new year.”