Climate Blogs Panic After Election

Liberal Climate Blogs Panic After Trump Election

By Aly Nielsen

Donald Trump’s presidential victory terrified liberal climate activists who fear he will threaten their precious Paris climate agreement.

DeSmog Blog responded to the election results with at least three blog posts, lamenting “Planet Earth Is The Real Loser Of The US Elections,” claiming that Trump’s win is a victory for “Climate Science Deniers,” and hoping that “Trump’s Inconsistency” will cause him to abandon his “climate denial.”

InsideClimate News, the group pushing the ExxonMobil witch hunt, similarly declared the election “an unwelcome surprise and bitter disappointment to many climate negotiators” and a Grist headline proclaimed “climate activists try not to freak out over Trump’s win.”

“Donald Trump’s astonishing victory has turned the world of climate action upside down, setting back U.S. environmental policy and threatening the international drive to cut carbon pollution and slow global warming,” InsideClimate News writer Marianne Lavelle lamented.

Trump’s election came just after the Paris Climate Agreement took effect on Nov. 4, and the 2016 UN climate change conference began in Marrakech, Morocco.

According to DeSmog Blog, a Union of Concerned Scientists spokesman warned if Trump tried to pull out of the Paris agreement, “that will have implications for everything else on President Trump’s agenda when he wants to deal with foreign leaders.”

“Just as the international climate talks in Marrakech were getting underway, the ground shifted beneath negotiators’ feet,” DeSmog wrote. “Trump was frequently inconsistent on his policy positions throughout his campaign. So negotiators are hoping that now he’s won the election, his policy approach could prove different to the climate denialism presented to the American public, too.”

Grist warned Trump’s “impending presidency does not bode well for global climate action.”

“Of course, Trump could just ignore the [Paris] deal and fail to live up to the pledges the United States made in Paris,” Grist continued.

InsideClimate meanwhile meditated, “long term, the environmental movement faces soul-searching about its own direction, and how to turn widespread popular support for environmental protection into an effective political force for urgent climate action.”

While DeSmog claims to write “accurate, fact based information regarding global warming misinformation campaigns,” and both InsideClimate and Grist call themselves “independent,” none of them offer objective reporting. Instead, all three are funded by organizations dedicated to pushing climate change alarmism.

Grist, for example, has received $1,075,000 from the Schmidt Family Foundation, $755,000 from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, $600,000 from the Ford Foundation, $285,000 from the Grantham Foundation, $258,000 from the Park Foundation, and $115,000 from various Rockefeller foundations between 2003 and 2014.

DeSmog Blog was founded by a left-wing public relations expert and is funded in part by the Sustainable Markets Foundation; a pass-through organization created by the Rockefeller family. DeSmog has promoted the #ExxonKnew attacks against ExxonMobil and criticizes conservative donors for not buying into man-made climate change fears.

InsideClimate was one group behind ExxonMobil attacks. It has received $1,500,000 from the Grantham Foundation, $600,000 from Rockefeller Brothers Fund, $225,000 from the Marisla Foundation, and $75,000 from the Park Foundation between 2012 and 2015.