Grist Fundraises on Trump Scorn

Grist Fundraises on Trump  Scorn, Hyperbole

By Aly Nielsen

To some, Trump’s election was just another day in the democratic process. But to others, it would be environmental catastrophe.

In early December, the Grist website ran a pop-up fundraising ad fantasizing about the day its readers would celebrate overcoming the “destructive environmental policies of a Trump presidency.”

The ad redirected readers to Grist’s donate page and encouraged them to “become a sustaining supporter of independent environmental journalism.”

Grist’s so called “environmental journalism,” reads more like post-apocalyptic hyperbole novels.

Another fundraising campaign in mid-December featured a photo of Trump and the words, “Hold the Trump administration accountable.”

The donate page for that campaign opined that Trump would “bring back the dark days of coal,” and “now more than ever, the world needs Grist to shine our beacon even brighter on the path to a sustainable, just future.”

During the election, Grist labeled Trump “an aggressively stupid climate change denier” who would “screw over the environment.” In March, Grist published a fictitious account of what the U.S. would be like on the 100th day of Trump’s presidency.

“Mountaintop removal mining has now decimated something on the order of 60 percent of the peaks in Central Appalachia” and “the new U.S. moratorium on climate science research makes it difficult to put forth any new arguments,” senior Grist fellow Clayton Aldern imagined.

Grist’s hyperbole continued following the election as well.

On Nov. 11, Grist executive editor Scott Dodd wailed that the president-elect’s environmental policy will “toss gasoline on the fire and cripple the bucket brigade.”

Climate alarmist Bill McKibben, the founder of and one of Grist’s board members, wrote an op-ed on Dec. 2 claiming, “we’re going to be dealing with an onslaught of daily emergencies during the Trump years.”

“It’s very likely that by the time Trump is done we’ll have missed whatever opening still remains for slowing down the trajectory of global warming,” McKibben continued.

Grist, along with other liberal nonprofits, led attacks against Myron Ebell, Trump’s likely pick to head the EPA. Ebell is currently the director of the Center for Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Grist is funded by the Park Foundation, the Schmidt Family Foundation, the Grantham Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and the Rockefeller Family Fund (which recently admitted it used funding to target ExxonMobil).