Grist Bashes Gorsuch’s Mom

Grist Responds to SCOTUS Nominee By Bashing His Mom

Julia A. Seymour

President Donald Trump announced his pick for the empty Supreme Court seat would be federal appeals court Judge Neil Gorsuch.

Gorsuch is a “solidly conservative judge” and a strict interpreter of the Constitution, according to NPR. In 2006 he was easily confirmed to the federal appeals court and the American Bar Association rated him as “unanimously well qualified,” NPR noted.

But his “sterling legal pedigree” didn’t keep from complaining about his mother, who ran the Environmental Protection Agency for two years under President Ronald Reagan and wondering “Like mother, like son?”

Grist’s whined that Anne Gorsuch “wanted to rip the agency apart,” “slashed” its budget by 22 percent and “aggressively rolled back clean air and clean water rules and other protections.”

Ultimately Grist admitted the SCOTUS nominee “has not ruled on notable environmental cases, so he doesn’t have much of a track record to assess,” but concluded his conservatism was a reason to worry.

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