Groups Request Trump Whistleblowing

ProPublica and InsideClimate Encourage Whistleblowing Under Trump

By Sarah Stites

Liberals encourage whistleblowing just so long as it makes the Trump Administration look bad.

Less than 24 hours after Donald Trump was sworn-in as president, liberal foundation-funded media outlets updated their websites inviting government workers to leak insider knowledge on climate-related policy developments.

“If you see something, say something,” ProPublica senior climate reporter Andrew Revkin urged. “ProPublica is eager to get tips on shifts in available government information related to climate change.”

ProPublica is a left-wing investigative “newsroom” funded by the Marisla Foundation. Liberal billionaire George Soros has also donated to the non-profit. On Twitter, ProPublica invited whistleblowers to leak it information.  

“We want to hear from more of you, about anything concerning that’s happening at your agency,” a Jan. 27, Tweet read. The following Tweet read, “We know many of you have been told to keep quiet. But speaking up is more important than ever.”

Like ProPublica, InsideClimate News posted an article a few days later headlined, “Want to share your story and documents with ICN’s journalists?”

“These steps will go a long way to protecting you,” InsideClimate continued. The authors listed several dos and don’ts, such as using mail instead of social media to securely transmit information.  

The Rockefeller Family Fund and Rockefeller Brothers Fund gave a combined total of $2.1 million to InsideClimate since 2007 through NEO Philanthropies and its publisher, Lost Light Preservation Projects. The Park Foundation, Grantham Foundation and Marisla Foundation have also donated to InsideClimate.