CAP Launches Liberal CPAC

Liberals Nonprofits Envision, Launch a Liberal CPAC

By Aly Nielsen

Liberal responses to President Donald Trump’s presidency have varied from hand-wringing, to mass protests, to new initiatives.

Recently, one left-wing nonprofit chose to copy conservative tactics to coordinate for the 2020 election. Center for American Progress (CAP), a George Soros-funded liberal “policy institute,” organized a May 16, “Ideas Conference,” according to Politico.

The event is the “first real cattle call of the Democrats nosing around 2020 presidential runs” and is roughly modeled around the annual conservative CPAC,” Politico said.

Many liberal figures including Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts have already lined up to attend.

CAP wants the event to do more that give liberal 2020 hopefuls a platform. It wants to establish CAP as a “nexus for all the strands of the party that have begun to take shape since Trump’s win.”

“New anti-Trump groups are sprouting up almost by the day, many of them with overlapping missions, ambiguous agendas and questionable resources,” Politico reported. As a result, liberal donors are pulled in numerous directions.

But CAP president Neera Tanden was not worried and told Politico,“There’s a level of energy out there that I haven’t seen, and it’s not our role to pick winners and losers.”

“Some people will be really successful. Some won’t. It’s great to have that trial and error out there,” Tanden said.

Emails leaked during the 2016 presidential election revealed that the liberal Sandler Foundation paid CAP founder John Podesta to “provide advice on grant-making.” Other emails revealed Tanden advised the Clinton campaign during the election.

Several liberal foundations fund CAP including George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, Tom Steyer’s TomKat Charitable Trust, the Tides Foundation, and multiple Rockefeller foundations.