Climate Groups Panic Over EPA Rollback

Climate Journalism Groups Panic Over EPA Rollback

By Aly Nielsen

Temperatures rose at climate journalism non-profits when President Donald Trump issued an executive order rolling back many of the Obama-era climate regulations.

The executive order requires the EPA to “review Obama’s Clean Power Plan, rescind the moratorium on coal mining on US federal lands,” and review the impact existing regulations have on jobs, according to CNN.

Grist, Democracy Now!, DeSmog Blog and InsideClimate all proved their liberal bias and activist mindset by slamming the president’s decision and consulting a host of left-wing groups in stories March 28.

DeSmog Blog blasted Trump’s executive order claiming it “jeopardizes America’s Global Position By Reversing US Climate Policy.”

“Other countries are already showing far more leadership than the United States,” DeSmog writer Farron Cousins wrote, and cited China and India as examples. Cousins failed to note that China and India are among the 20 countries with the most polluted urban areas, whereas the United States is one of the 20 countries with the least polluted urban areas.

Cousins also cited Rainforest Action Network executive director Lindsey Allen who hyperbolically claimed, “This president wants to return to the days of toxic dumping free-for-alls, black spewing smokestacks, and increasing rates of asthma for children.”

Meanwhile Democracy Now! Executive producer Amy Goodman fretted Trump’s “executive order will virtually guarantee that the United States will fail to meet its 2015 Paris Agreement pledge to reduce emissions.”

Goodman turned to NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Program director Jacqueline Patterson who slammed the order for potentially disproportionately harming black communities through pollution and climate change.

InsideClimate News writer Marianne Lavelle claimed the order’s “primary aim is clearly to unleash fossil fuel development,” and that it would “put in jeopardy the landmark [Paris] agreement’s goal of keeping the global temperature increase below 2 degrees Celsius.”

“Trump’s executive order is a ‘declaration of war’ on our clean energy future,” Grist wrote, republishing a story from Mother Jones. The story cited multiple Trump critics including Democratic Sen. Edward Markey, Mass., and Obama’s EPA administrator Gina McCarthy, who said the executive order was “not just dangerous; it’s embarrassing.”

Grist also posted a satirical video called “How to talk climate with your fake news-reading friend.” In it, a climate change apologist confronts “Matt the Cherry Picker,” who “always has a maddeningly selective data set up his sleeve.”

Grist’s website also ran a banner ad to raise money off the order saying “Facts trump executive orders. Support Grist.”

DeSmog Blog has been funded by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Wallace Global Fund.

Grist, InsideClimate News and Democracy Now! Are also funded by liberal foundations like the Ford Foundation, the Schmidt Family Foundation and the Packard Foundation.