Schmidt, Clinton Foundation Connection

Schmidt Family Foundation Tied To Former Clinton Foundation CEO

By Aly Nielsen

The Schmidt Family Foundation and the Clinton Foundation have something in common. Well, someone, actually.

Eric Braverman.

Braverman became President of the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Group in January 2017, to “oversee all philanthropic and non-investment efforts for the Schmidts,” the Schmidt Family Foundation reported. Braverman previously was CEO of the Clinton Foundation from 2013 to 2015.

In his new role, Braverman directs the Schmidt Family Foundation and also the anti-fossil fuels 11th Hour Project, the Schmidt Ocean Institute and the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Fund for Strategic Innovation. All four organizations fund climate and environment-related projects like ocean exploration and trying replace fossil fuels with “renewable” energy.

The Schmidt Family Foundation gave at least $1,075,000 to Grist, $180,000 to the Food and Environment Reporting Network and $885,000 to the Center for Investigative Reporting since 2007.

Wendy Schmidt has been vocal about her views about climate change, tweeting that “Meteorologists overwhelmingly conclude climate change is real and human-caused,” and thanking scientists “for standing up to & protecting data from climate denial!”

The Clinton Foundation hired Braverman in 2013, after a push from Chelsea Clinton, Politico reported. She knew him through the consulting company McKinsey & Company, where he had been a partner and consultant since 1997. He abruptly resigned from that foundation in January 2015. Unnamed sources told Politico “his exit stemmed partly from a power struggle inside the foundation.”

“The previously untold saga of Braverman’s brief, and occasionally fraught tenure trying to navigate the Clintons’ insular world highlights the challenges the family has faced trying to impose rigorous oversight onto a vast global foundation that relies on some of the same loyal megadonors Hillary Clinton will need for the presidential run sources have said she is all but certain to launch later this year,” Politico chief investigative reporter Kenneth P. Vogel wrote on March 2, 2015.

Three months after his resignation, an “explosive revelation” showed the Clinton Foundation had received at least 1,100 undisclosed donations, many from individuals living outside the U.S.

“The reason this is a politically explosive revelation is because the Clinton Foundation promised to disclose its donors as a condition of Hillary Clinton becoming secretary of state,” Bloomberg reported April 29, 2015.

The Clinton Foundation later admitted it had received “as much as $26.4 million in previously undisclosed payments from major corporations, universities, foreign sources and other groups,” according to the May 21, 2015, Washington Post.

Conflict of interest concerns dogged the rest of Clinton’s failed bid for president.