Media Promote Climate Echo Chamber

Media Outlets Promote Climate Change Echo Chamber

By Aly Nielsen

Liberal nonprofits reflect the biases of their donors. So when supposedly unbiased media outlets build relationships with those nonprofits, they blur the lines between activism and reporting.

The “journalistic collaboration” Climate Desk is a perfect example. It acts like a liberal echo chamber of climate alarmism, with multiple outlets running the exact same story to increase its reach.

For-profit media outlets including The Atlantic, The Guardian and Newsweek, partnered with four liberal nonprofits to promote climate change for Climate Desk. The George Soros-funded nonprofit magazine Mother Jones launched the effort in April 2010.

Climate Desk described itself as a “journalistic collaboration dedicated to exploring the impact — human, environmental, ecological, political — of a changing climate.” Because the story of climate change “hasn’t been told very well.”

Mother Jones senior editor Marianne Szegedy-Maszak oversees Climate Desk, along with four other Mother Jones reporters and senior editors.

The Park Foundation, George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation and other groups gave millions of dollars to Mother Jones over the years.

Climate Desk’s recent stories included plenty of attacks on the new president including: “The Media Is Failing Miserably To Challenge Trump On Climate Change,” from The New Republic, “Why Trump Doesn’t Have The Power To Mess With National Monuments,” from Huffington Post, and “An Unlikely Resistance Surges Against Trump’s Clean Water Threats,” from Grist.

The original Climate Desk partners were Mother Jones, Center for Investigative Reporting, Grist,  The Atlantic, Slate, Wired, and the now-canceled PBS TV show, Need to Know.

Since CityLab, Fusion, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Medium, New Republic, Newswire, and the nonprofit outlet High Country News joined later.

The Tides Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund and other nonprofits which push climate alarmist rhetoric have given millions of dollars to the four Climate Desk nonprofits — Grist, Mother Jones, Center for Investigative Reporting and High Country News.

The Tides Foundation also gave $17,500 to High Country News.