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  • The DeSmog Blog was founded by Jim Hoggan and is run out of his public relations firm, James Hoggan & Associates, which partnered with the United Nation’s first global climate change initiative, Tck Tck Tck.
  • DeSmog Blog is listed as a case study on the James Hoggan & Associates’ website, DeSmog is described as “a non-profit pursuit unconnected to our client work, DeSmogBlog has given the Hoggan team cutting-edge experience using social media to influence audiences and effect change.”
  • Shell Canada and BC Hydro are some of Hoggan’s main clients.  The connections between Hoggan’s clients and his DesSmog blog may be much cozier than advertised. Shell Canada is now receiving positive stories about its climate change position when previously DeSmog writers penned blog posts about Shell’s misleading greenwashing claims.
  • Founded in 2006, DeSmog Blog grew in recognition as a major news outlets when covering the opposition activity around Keystone XL pipeline.
  • Substantive posts by DeSmog Blog are routinely pick up in progressive outlets, such as Think Progress, Daily Kos and the Huffington Post.
  • The DesSmog Blog initial funding source was John Lefebvre, a convicted money launderer.  With a $300,000 dollar donation, Lefebvre was the early cash influx that was essential to getting DeSmog blog off the ground.  Lefebvre likes to boast that he is the largest donor to environmental issues in Canadian history.
  • Months before funding DeSmog blog, Lefebvre hit the lottery, “when he cashed in $123 million worth of shares of his offshore company, NETeller Inc., which handles billions of dollars of money transfers for Internet gamblers.” This windfall allowed him to live a life of opulence, which included a purchase of Malibu beach house, where he was arrested by FBI agents “and charged with conspiring to promote illegal gambling by transferring billions of dollars of cyberspace bets placed by U.S. citizens with offshore gaming companies,” according to the Vancouver Sun.
  • The only other known major funder of DeSmog blog is a secretive charity located in New York. The obscure charity, the Sustainable Markets Foundations (SMF), quietly formed under the careful watch of the Rockefeller family, with Jay R. Halfon, a practicing trial lawyer and Rockefeller collaborator, at its helm.
  • Sustainable Markets Foundation (SMF) paid the DeSmogBlog Society of Canada $110,000 in 2013.  It appears that SMF allocated more money to DeSmog but the 990 disclosure describes several years of funding as only “climate change education” in Canada.