InsideClimate News

Who is InsideClimate News?

  • InsideClimate News is a news website run by the public relations firm, Science First, and published by David Sassoon.
  • Science First, a nonprofit run by David Sassoon, who is also the publisher of InsideClimate News, was initially incorporated by Rowland Communications.
  • David Sasson has tried to hide his history as a public relations professional. He has apparently tried to scrub the early part of his career as a public relations professional representing Rowland Communications in Healthcare and Burson-Marsteller.
  • NEO Philanthropy has paid nearly $2.6 million to Science First for project management since 2008. NEO Philanthropy’s funding has incrementally grown from $325,000 to $615,150 a year between 2008 and 2013.
  • The Rockefeller Brothers Fund earmarked $1.125 million for InsideClimate News through third parties, such as Lost Light Preservation Projects and Public Interest Projects, which is a subsect of NEO Philanthropies.
  • Sassoon posted a blog on DeSmog in December 2007, where he expressed strong anti-capitalism views. In the post, Sassoon noted “the shameless greed and heartlessness that’s afoot is way beyond tolerable and most common, decent folk are ready to fight for a big change.”
  • Richard Rofel, who currently serves on the advisory board for InsideClimate, has been the president of liberal Soros-funded ProPublica for nearly three years years.
  • David Sassoon, the founder of InsideClimate News, received his masters from the Columbia Journalism School, which has received $9.7 million from Soros.